Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 12, 2013

Mama and Family!
Woof.  What a crazy week.  Every day we bike around the cost from Vaitape over to I think it is called Anau. 
Our house is pretty much a large house made of plywood with a tin like roof, but compared to the other houses, it is a castle.  I love it here on Bora Bora.  We have running water but can't drink it because we will get sick from it, so we buy bottled water.  
Two of our investigators have wedding and baptism dates set for December and January.  We help with weddings.
We have a church building, it is an open air building which means that the walls are pretty much windows that open and there are a bunch of fans.  We don't drink a lot of Coke, mostly water and something that is like Kool Aid.  It is a liquid syrup that you mix with water.  The people here have the most and the strongest faith I've ever seen.  That is why we are able to work miracles here.  In one of our lessons three neighbors were blasting Tahitian dubstep and the wind was out of control.  It was impossible to feel the Spirit, let alone hear the investigator.  I said a silent prayer while Elder Bluker was trying to teach and instantly all of the music and the wind stopped.  The investigator's name is Ernest and he and his family committed to have family prayer and come to church.  I know that if we humble ourselves and ask God, if it is in His will we can achieve all things.
I love you all and can't wait to hear back from you all.
Elder Fitzsimmons

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