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December 10, 2012

ia ora na tout la monde!  Joyeaux Noël!
That is crazy that so many of my buds are going on missions! (drys little manly tear) Tell Sydney Congrats for me and I give her a firm missionary handshake. Things are going well this week although they didn't start out well. So we  have a baptism and a wedding on the 15th of december! Also, I am performing the baptism for our other investigator, Maui, on the 22nd of december!
So I had an interesting experience this week, the AP's visited for like three days and one came with us to our lessons and helped us. his name is Elder Honey. so we were at a lesson with Mautauarii and were reading in Te Buka A Moromana and I wasn't feeling good.  As I was reading, I started to notice that everything was starting to slow down like when you turn off an old radio and the words get dragged out. I was also having a very difficult time pronouncing the words. The last thing I remember was asking If I could use the restroom and everything went white. Yup, I passed out. now for the cool part, Elder Bluker was sitting on my right and Elder Honey on my left during the lesson. as soon as I passed out Elder Bluker caught my head and Elder Honey caught me just before I hit my head on the very sharp corner of a big metal box. I probably would of been sent home from the injury. If you think about it, this was A huge miracle, not only because I didn't hit my head but because they caught me, I'm a big guy and have at least 80 pounds on both of these Elders. Elder Honey had said there was no way that he should of been able to hold me because of the way he had caught me. Heavenly Father Takes care of his missionaries. the doctors ran tests and said that everything was normal and the only reason they could think of why I passed out is because it was hot. which is weird because I was hydrated and there was a cool breeze that day.  That Night I was praying and I was worried for the next day because it was supposed to be very hot the next day and I was asking Heavenly Father to keep me safe so that I could do his work and Bring his Children to him. So it rained for a week straight. HA! how COOL is that?! in fact it is still raining.
So there are two seasons here. Mosquito season and Fly season. The locals say that right now it is Fly season. Also one day a member asked if I had played any sports before the mission and I told him that I had played Rugby, Now everyone in the ward calls me Rugby man. except for Raymond, he calls me Starsky and Hutch, I'm not sure why yet. I miss the really cold weather so enjoy it for me!
Oh, attached also is a picture of my ride until I can fix the tire for my bike, there is a hole in the side of it and we are trying to get ahold of some glue so we can patch it up.
Tonight we are going to take out the money for secret santa, in francs, it is almost 10,000 francs. we are going to give it to the tiori family, they have two young boys and a baby daughter who is 1 and 2 months. they live in a one room house. and are a wonderful family.

Also, this week, a leader from the Anglican church of Britan stopped us because not many people wear shirts and ties in Tahiti, and he thought that we were on a buisness trip. when he saw our nametags, he knew that he had been mistaken. he then started to tell us that he had just built 40 churches in Great Britan and asked us why we were out here in the crazy rain when he was having so much success. I remembered the story of Alma and Amulek when they were in the prison being beaten and abused by the judges and the king. then very calmly, I said, "Sir, do you mind if I share my testimony with you?" he said "Yeah, what is your testimony" in a criticizing voice I then bore him my testimony that we are all children of our Heavenly fFather and He wants us all back. and a little rain isn't going to stop his work. and how the prophet Joseph Smith as a young boy offered a humble prayer and recieved revelation from the lord and was given the authority to restore Gods church on the earth so that all of His Children could return to Him." He was speechless. his friend came over and asked who we were and the first man said these are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. and he got really wide eyed and ran. Ha The Lord said that his servants will not be counfounded before men. How true is that?!
well, I love you all and Can't wait to hear from everyone.
Love Elder Fitzsimmons

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