Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 17, 2012

Hello! this has been a great week, we had Louis baptism and wedding which was so cool! I'm glad that the ward Christmas party was good. It for sure doesn't feel like Christmas here because it is so hot all of the time. and no Music. so this week we are all going Caroling. should be a blast. no more passing out. there isn't much that is new right now, Just trying to learn Tahitian. I can Understand everything that people say in french, now I need to speak it ha ha. we only taught 13 lessons again this week.
So for Christmas, it sounds like we will be using skype and I will be calling you. no idea about times yet. so go ahead and set up a skype with your email .
A big topic at church and with our investigators this week was le fin du monde or the end of the world. it is sad that that is what the members are thinking about instead of being with their families for Christmas. especially since prophets have said that the righteous will not have to fear when that time comes.

It is STILL raining here. all day every day. Also, all of the grandparents here are called Mami's and Papi's. so when we meet them, we never know there actual names. we know about 50 mami's haha.
I absolutely love it here. I do miss my classical and Jazz Music though. we are allowed to have a usb with music on it and a little speaker that we can plug it in to.
this week is the marriage and baptism for Mauri Tetauru. on the 22nd, the day after the end of the world HA this is going to be cool.
Also for Louis Wedding, he shaved his awesome beard and cut his hair, I Had no idea who he was until he started talking to me! ha ha.
well that about sums up this week, oh, things are great with my companion.
Love you all!
Elder Fitzsimmons

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