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December 24, 2012

Oaoa oe no te Noela!
How are you all? so for the skype, we are doing them Christmas day, most likely in the morning (almost noon for you all) I will be able to call you real fast and just say that I'm ready and then I'll go ahead and Skype you. 
what a cool way to end the week, my first baptism and a wedding! his nameis Mauri Helman Tetauru. Yesterday was they wedding feast and they invited us at church. we told them that we would stop by after our lessons this evening and right as we said that all of our appointments called and cancelled. wow. so we went to the wedding feast and they made us guests of honor! Ha! We got to sit up at the big table at the front and there was SO much food! I'm still full. There was Taro, fish, Poisson Cru, Steak, Potatoes, Chicken. And A whole bunch of food that I had never seen or heard of before. The Mami was in tears and came up to Elder Bluker and I and kept thanking us and thanking us. I'll send pictures of the wedding and the baptism.
So Friday was the supposed "End of the world" it is kind of cool to say that I've lived through three ends of the world and two "Blizzards of the century" Ha. Finally one of the members told us that he isn't worried about the end of the world. He said that he will know it is here when the missionaries don't pass his house. I'm not sure how doctrinally correct that is but Finally! some faith! ha ha.
I've been reading the Bible in Tahitian lately, and I have to say, the stories are so much cooler!
An investigator couple that we have been struggling with,  like many others  live together and have kids but aren't married. and we have talked and talked with them about being married and taught them lessons about the blessings they would receive and eternal families. but the only thing that was holding them back was parents, they think that they are too young" which they aren't, she is like 26 and he is almost 30. So Gave them some advice and told them that if they would talk with her parents again. and tell them that they have a family now and want to teach their children what is right and set a good example. that her parents would give them the permission to get married, I don't know why I said it, I have never once met their parents and I don't know what their situation is, but I just opened my mouth and words came out. we will see what happens.
Also, Jean Paul and Heipua. Heipua is an inactive member and Jean Paul is her boyfriend. We were teaching them about the gift of the Holy Ghost and I told a story about how I received a prompting to leave a party and I asked him if he would like the gift of the holy ghost. he said yes so I asked him if he would be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints and receive the Holy Ghost. and his Girlfriend looked at me with complete shock. Jean Paul was Baptized Protestant and was going to stay protestant and nothing was going to change that. after about five minutes he said yes. SO cool!
So today is P day and what do we decide to do for fun? Bike the Island of Bora Bora! at 5:30 in the morning! haha it was so much fun!
What is new in the states? there has to be something.
I love you all and am excited to talk with you tomorrow!!

Oaoa oe no te Noela!
Love Elder Fitzsimmons

Oh also, President told me that after my training I will be staying on Bora Bora and will be training a new missionary! Yikes! so I will be on Bora Bora until about May.

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