Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Learning Tahitian

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hi Mama!  How are you this week?  We have officially finished learning French and we started learning Tahitian yesterday!  Tahitian is such and awesome language.  How is everyone?  How is Dad feeling?  How is the marching band doing?  I just want to get out of the MTC and out to Tahiti!  I love it here but I know it well be so much more awesome out there.  So about general conference: they are not having a missionary choir this time because they had one for the last time because David Arche- however you spell it was here.  Poop.  Oh well.  I am sorry that this letter is a little shorter than usual, the computer was freaking out and wouldn't let me log in.  How is Lehi?, and MaryJane?  Tell brothers hello from me and give them a big hug.  I love being able to go to the temple every week to do temple work.  Be sure to play some Queen for me in the kitchen.  It is so cool always having the Spirit with me.

Tell Justus Congrats on his cross country meet!  That is cool that he is doing so well.  Tell Tristan good luck at his marching band competition.  They will be great this season.

I love you Mama

O thanks for the hand soap and the licorice!

Love Elder Fitzsimmons

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