Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good morning Mama!  I got the package that you and dad sent and I also got a delicious package of pumpkin bread from Aunt Julie.  So, this week is our LAST WEEK at the MTC (THANK GOODNESS) we started to learn how to "contact" in Tahitian.  This is possibly the most difficult thing I've done in my life.  In French it is so easy.  So contacting is where you greet a random srtanger on the street and you try to get them interested in the Gospel and ask for their address and phone number and set up a time for a lesson.  A possible opening line would be something like this... Ia ora na!  E aha to oe Huru?  E mau missionare maua i te ekaresia a lesu mesia i te feia mo'a i te (restored.  I can't remember the word for it.  It is very long) evanelia no lesu Mesia.

Woof! Crazy huh?  I'm glad that Alec and Whitney came over to visit.  How is family?  Tell Tristan good luck for me down in St. George, they will do awesome.  Tell Justus he doesn't hinaaroo (need) to worry about those stinky girls.  I absolutely love the Nativity that you sent.  I was so excited for when we fly into Tahiti because I would be able to see it from the plane but, I then realized that it is going to be about 5:00 in the morning when we land there.  GUH!  that is o.k., maybe I'll get to see it on a transfer.

Well I need to go switch my laundy now.  I love you all so much.  Can't wait to here from all of you!

Much love,

Elder Fitzsimmons

So far this week, I've been getting very, very nervous about going to Tahiti, because of the language and such.  We know how to communicate about the Gospel, but that is it.  I've been wondering if I'll have the experience like in the best two years"that's not the language they taught me at the MTC!"  AHHHH!

When I get there, I'll tell you where my assignment will be.  How cool would it be if I was put on Bora Bora?  I don't care where I'm assigned at all.  They are all God's children.  E mea oaoa i te evanelia si lesu Mesia ia vau.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ makes me happy).

Look at me!  I have three months under my belt now!  It is CRAZY how fast that time has flown.  I am so exited to be with the people of Tahiti.

Ua here au ia oa!  E parau mau to Buka a Moromona e i te ekalesia ato'a!  Ua here au i tei nei ekalesia!  (I love you!  The Book of Mormon is true and the church also!  I love this church!)

Stay safe and don't forget to floss!

Elder Fitzsimmons

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