Friday, October 19, 2012

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Hello once again family and mama!
It has been a wonderful week!  Last Tuesday for the devotional, Elder David A. Bednar came and talked to us.  One of the coolest experiences ever.  Other than that, nothing much new has happened other than we are teaching full lessons in both French and Tahitian right now.  Sometimes it's difficult to think in one language and then shift to the other.  Just because they are so different.  But I LOVE them both so much.  I was reading my Patriarchal blessing yesterday and I came across a small part that I never remembered reading before.  It said that he (President Ellsworth and God) bless me with the courage to open my mouth and what will need to be said will fill my mouth and that because of this people will trust me because they will know that what I am telling them is right.  I can't begin to tell you how true and real this blessing is.  So many times in our lessons my mind goes blank.  Even though I've prepared so well.  I say a quick little prayer in my heart to ask God to help me fulfill His will and BOOM, I open my mouth and suddenly French and Tahitian is coming out.  Sometimes words and phrases that I don't remember learning.  

How is the family doing?  What is new in Lehi and the world?  How are you mama?  I told Whitney that she needs to come visit you with Alec.  Less than three weeks and I'll be in TAHITI!  That is if we get our Visa's...We still haven't heard anything about them yet.  We  are all a little worried.  I'm so excited to get to Tahiti and serve all of the beautiful people there.  This is going to be such a blessing in my life.  Oh, I'm also so proud of Bryce!  He wrote me and told me that he is starting the process to put his papers in!  WOOT!  It is very possible that the trapezoid (me, Kyle Newbill, Paul Struthers, and Bryce Fueston) could be sharing our Lord's Gospel to the world at the same time!  That would be so cool.  What is even cooler is that Tristan and I could be serving together at the same time as well.

Thanks for everything that you all do.  I love you all and can't wait to hear back from you!

Keep your baptizing hand strong

Elder Fitzsimmons

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